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Tailwind Wealth Management

Investing for your future

Most people need help investing, from the early stages and even into retirement. Tailwind is based around a long-term relationship of trust, communication, and understanding your dreams and goals.

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Douglas Beck, CFA

After 30 years with some of the world's largest financial service firms, I decided to create a uniquely client-centric wealth management boutique - Tailwind. Clients are limited to friends, family, and referals. No more than 50 households will be managed, in order to offer the personalizaion and attention I feel is necessary to fulfill your retirement dreams and anything else you dream of doing with  your long-term wealth.


How Tailwind's Process Helps You

The most important aspects to successfully achieving your goals are simplicity with precision. Tailwind's three-step process offers just that:

Preparing to Climb

Diagnosing your Risk Number

We find the industry standard of assigning individuals risk categories of Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive as lazy and ineffective.

Tailwind deploys Nobel prize-winning work around investor behavior to more precisely measure your risk tolerance, in order to help you sleep better at night, through a portfolio optimized to your unique risk tolerance.

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I heard more from Doug in the first three months with Tailwind than I did with my former investment advisor in 10 years. I didn't think I was important enough for (former advisor) someone to speak with.

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